Sunday, 14 October 2012

All Saints Word - Joshua 5 Cell Outline

Joshua 5:13-6:20, Matt 11:20-end
Welcome: There are two responses to conflict. “Fight” or “Flight”. Which is your usual response? Do you shout and scream, or do you run away and sulk? Or do you avoid it like the plague?

Worship: Sing “Fight the Good Fight” &/or Compile a list of things to pray “for” and a list of things to pray “against” .

Word: Read Joshua 5:13-6:20,

If you are going into a fight....

  1. Make sure that you are on God's side.
    We are quite keen to defend ourselves. When is the last time you stuck up for yourself?We are attracted by the glamour of intervening on behalf of someone else. Remember the film “Beethoven”? The bullies confront the weedy boy who tries to stand up to them and is amazed that the turn pale and run away – not realising that his huge dog has crept up and is baring its fangs behind his shoulder. When did you last intervene on someone else's behalf. Read Proverbs 26:17. What does that say to you?Too often we fail to ask if this is God's fight or ours. We may be in the wrong fight. We may be misunderstanding his aims. Joshua asks naively “Whose side are you on” . Why is that a wrong question? Do you ever ask it?

  2. Make Worship your first action
    Look back in Joshua 4. What is the first thing Joshua got the tribes to do in this promised land? Worship is when we put God in His rightful place in the hierarchy of our plans. Before we do or say anything we proclaim, to ourselves first”Praise the Lord, O my soul” says the psalmist, that He is God and Lord of All.
    What is the thing Joshua is instructed to do in Joshua 5? Taking off your shoes is a sign of acknowledgement of the presence of God who makes all things Holy. It's called “theophany” when God shows up. How do we/you respond when God shows up in your life? (This will be different for everyone, share your experiences).

  3. Make obedience your golden rule
    Worship and obedience are married. Brides “obey” - grooms “worship” - at least they did in the old service, today its optional.. At the side of many church alters there is often the Ten Commandments. Why?
    Look at Joshua and make a list of the odd things that Joshua does in obedience.When Joshua is given a list of “silly things to do” by the Lord – he does them. Not because he understands the purpose or the method. But because he was told and he is putting his trust into action. What place does common sense have in God's service? What's the daftest thing you have done for God? What happened?

If you are not going into a fight....
  1. Why not? Can you not see that evil still wages war on God's creation?
  2. Why not? Do you find yourself naturally springing into worship? Who is stopping you?
  3. Why not? Jesus says “Follow me!”, “Fight the Good Fight with All your Might” we sing.

    Share together the things you will be fighting against at work or home this week. Agree together on something to so that will make a difference. Pray for one another.

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